Statement Of Faith

Historically churches have had robust statements of faith and we are trying to return to the old paths, you can read our Full Statement of Faith Below  

The excerpt below is taken from our Statement of Faith:

Although the Bible is the final authority in matters of faith and practice, a statement of faith can serve as an excellent summary of what we believe the Bible teaches. Many people claim to believe the Bible, yet disagree on vital issues. A statement of faith provides the necessary definition. It also serves as a helpful teaching tool by providing a concise summary of biblical truth. We recognize that any statement of faith is a fallible, human attempt to summarize the riches of God's revelation and should therefore be open to further revision in the light of Holy Scripture. The following is a summary of what is taught as Biblical truth at Heritage Grace Community Church (HGCC).

Full Statement of Faith

Church Membership

The excerpt below is taken from our elders on Church Membership:

Church membership is a very serious issue in the Christian life and in the life of any true church. Despite the objections some churches have voiced against the concept of church membership, Scripture gives us several ecclesiastical imperatives that seem impossible to fulfill without biblical membership: church discipline, voting, submitting to pastors/elders, the one-another imperatives of the New Testament all seem quite impossible without some sort of membership structure where a person “joins” the church. Here is the why, who, when, and what of membership.

If you are interested in pursuing membership at Heritage Grace, please contact one of the elders for further information on our membership process and classes.

Church Membership